Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Playdate

On Monday Graysen and I had a fun water playdate at Lisa's house. I feel like summer is already here! I love this time of year and am counting the days until Caleb is out of school. Only 10 more school days at Anderson Mill!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Playdate

Norma hosted a wonderful Easter playdate at her house. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon:

All of the kids loved playing with and riding on Baby Kota, Carson's interactive dinosaur.
Alisha brought candy boxes for all the kids.
Snack time!
Easter egg hunt.
After the hunt, the kids spent hours playing outside while us girls chatted on the deck. It was a beautiful afternoon!
The playdate ended with all of the kids making an Easter craft.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lee's Photos from the Outer Banks

Below are some photos from our recent vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. More photos from the trip can be found at the following link:

 At Jockey's Ridge State Park, (home of the tallest active sand dune system in the Eastern US):

  Laura and the boys

 Sean (Lee's Brother)

 Laura, her sister Erica, and her Uncle Gordon


 Uncle Gordon, a reluctant Graysen, and Caleb

 Caleb and Uncle Gordon

 At the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse:



 One of the many downsides of having a name that is not spelled traditionally is that souvenir shops never have stuff pre-printed with your name... Uncle Gordon bought these signs for the boys and had to make an appropriate substitution for Graysen...

Monday, April 4, 2011


Our trip to the Outer Banks turned our little boys into pirates.
Caleb was thrilled to get on a "real" pirate boat. Graysen, not so much.
Graysen making a dug-out canoe.
The blacksmith made Caleb a nail and then...
Challenged the little pirate to a duel.
It was close...
But in the end, Caleb slayed the blacksmith.

Hands On History Museum at Festival Park

All of us enjoyed going through the museum, especially the boys and me.

Our crazy band of pirates:
I could have stayed in the dress up room forever! Oh! How I wish daily fashions were still big dresses!
My precious little 16th century boy.
I thought that these were prisoner outfits but they were actually bathing suits.
The boys bought lots of veggies!

Warming Up...

With tea and cookies!

Outer Banks Brewing Station

We went to the Outer Banks Brewing Station for our last dinner together in the Outer Banks. It was the best dinner of the week! We thoroughly enjoyed the food, beer, and, of course, great company! Here are a few pictures from our evening:

The food was great! I had caramelized scallops over pumpkin risotto. The boys had dirt & worms sundaes for dessert:
I was very excited about my dessert, warm pumpkin donut in a vanilla rum sauce with ice cream.
This is the only bar/brewery that I have been to that has a playground in the back. The boys had a blast on the S.S. Brewing Station.