Saturday, November 27, 2010

Graysen's First Movie

Yesterday, we took the boys to see "Tangled" with Sarah Grace, Uncle Erik, and Aunt Amanda. This was Graysen's first trip to the movie theater and he did great, although he wore his 3-D glasses upside-down most of the movie.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outside Decor

I have had several people ask to see my outside decor. It is not spectacular, but is a start. I plan to add to it every year.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Preparations

All of our Christmas preparations are complete: the tree is up, outside decor is done, and all the presents are purchased and wrapped. Well... Except for Lee doing his Christmas shopping, but I don't worry about that. That is not in my domain.

We have a very busy holiday season planned. It starts with a Thanksgiving dinner at the Taylors tonight, then Thanksgiving & Christmas in TN, and ends with our trip to Disney and Christmas in Daytona Beach. Since we are leaving for Disney on 12/18, the boys and I will celebrate "our" Christmas and Christmas with the Taylors on the 12th. Not to mention all of the Christmas playdates, parades, and parties scattered throughout the coming month. I love this festive time of year!!!

A decoration post from me would not be complete without a video of my village. Here is a video of this year's Christmas village. I added a winery and a dwelling for this year.

Every year someone asks me where I get my village. I have found that the best place for Lemax village pieces is The have the best selection and prices!!! (You all know I have to give a "shout out" to Uncle Bob. However, he really does have the best prices on Lemax. I have been buying Lemax for over 10 years.)

Well, I suppose it is time to start making pumpkin muffins to bring to the Taylors' this evening. Pumpkin muffins are turning out to be a Meyer tradition around the holidays.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Geoffrey

I couldn't resist buying "Big Geoffrey" for Caleb during one of our trips to Costco. Little did I know how much he would love "Big Geoffrey." Caleb falls asleep on him every single night, and every night, Lee and I have to move Caleb from "Big Geoffrey" to his bed.

Pictures with a Fireman

Erica & Kevin's Visit -- Halloween 2010

Erica and Kevin visited over Halloween weekend. Here are a few pictures from their visit:

Erica and Graysen at Caleb's last soccer game of the season.
Caleb was proud of his medal, which is well deserved in my opinion. He did a great job all season.
Erica's "masterpiece." I am not happy about the use of some of my village pieces, but I guess that is what happens when I fall asleep.
Erica's other "masterpiece."
Lee's pumpkin.
"Spooky" House.

Catching Up

I have been behind on everything these past few weeks. Lee blames it mainly on my excitement and preparations for Christmas. I try to convince him that it is more due to all the chores that I do. Mmm... I think that he may have been right.

In any event, I am finally caught up on everything and should be getting back to my normal routine and blogging.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Outtakes from our Christmas Card Photoshoot

Today, we went to Falls Park in downtown Greenville to get some photos of the boys for this year's Christmas card. Caleb and Graysen tolerated it fairly well, considering that it was cold and we did a lot of walking.  In the end, we got some nice pictures.  Here are a few photos that we didn't choose for the card:

At first they were excited and very cooperative.

This one was no good because Graysen has some weird instinct to lick fabric.

This is what happens when you ask them to say "cheese" too much.

To convince them to get on the log, we told them they could pretend it was a motorcycle.  The downside was that Caleb wouldn't put his arms down or relinquish his "motorcycle face."

Toward the end, it was impossible to get them to sit still.

...and here I'm pretty sure that Caleb is praying for the pictures to end.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pictures from Halloween

 Graysen ready to go

 Laura and Erica

 Caleb, behind his Bumblebee mask

Laura and I

 The instigator of all the decor and dressing up

 Halloween decor (from a distance)


The sky (we were trick-or-treating early)

 Erica, Kevin, and Gary, with reluctance

 Graysen as Wolverine

 Another of Wolverine

 Another of Bumblebee

 Erica's Halloween Pumpkin Diorama (aka Plan B)

My Pumpkin