Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Night w/ My Baby!

I took this picture this evening, the last night that my baby will be three. *SNIFF*

Gray is my last little baby and is so cuddly and sweet. We have a little morning routine where I wrap him in a towel after a bath and pretend that he just came out of my belly. He coos and babbles and acts just like a baby.

He has been telling me that he will not be my baby when he is four, only three. So today he says to me, "Today is the last day I am your baby. I will not be your baby when I am four."

I am hoping he doesn't mean it and will still coo and cuddle tomorrow morning like usual.

"Euro-Peein' In the Pool"

Graysen asked for a Playmobile swimming pool for his birthday. I asked him several times to confirm that is what he wanted and he was consistent every time. He kept telling me that his knights needed a swimming pool. So... That is what he is getting.

After opening at least a half-dozen Playmobile toys over the past few months, I have learned not to be suckered by the pretty box...
There are indeed 133 small pieces that need to be put together by Mommy and Daddy including small parts that require the special "Playmobile tool."
Since I did not want to spend hours tomorrow morning with an impatient Graysen, Lee and I decided to set it up this evening. It took about an hour, but it is now finished and ready for play.
The final product:
We decided that it was an European pool since all of the guys that came with it are sporting speedos. I hope they are ready to meet some knights and pirates tomorrow!
Just a few Playmobile tips:
1) Always Google before you buy. Something that costs $35 one place can cost $15 another place. Prices vary a lot.
2) It seems items purchased from Toys R Us require much less assembly than items purchased from Amazon. I am suspicious that Toys R Us has some kind of deal with Playmobile...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Much

I know that I haven't posted in a while, but absolutely nothing is going on with our family. We are just enjoying this cozy winter, although I am wondering where the cold weather is?!

Gray's birthday is next week and I hope to have some pictures to post.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Palmetto Hearts 5K Registration

This event is very special to me. I would love to see comments on who all is registered!!!

Registration link: Spartanburg Running Club

Feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you on race day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

5K Registration is Open!!!

As many of you know, over the past months I have been busy organizing a 5K event that will benefit Palmetto Hearts. Palmetto Hearts is a non-profit organization that helps families with heart children in South Carolina. As you can imagine, this cause is very special to me.

I am happy to announce that registration for the event is now open through the Spartanburg Running Club!

Here are a few details about the event:

Date/Time: Saturday, April 14th 9:00 AM at Duncan Park in Spartanburg

It is BOTH a run and a walk and I anticipate just as many walkers as runners.

There will be awards!

There will be door prizes!

The event is designed for the entire family and will include music, inflatables, refreshments, etc...

Children 13 and under can accompany their parents on the course for free.

I hope that all of you register and come on out for the event to support these special children.

Here are the links:

For more information:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.