Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Ghost's Sugery

Baby Ghost lost an eye over the past week.  We decided that it was time for surgery and a new eye.

 The boys and their two best friends.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend in Atlanta

Lee and I planned a very special weekend for the boys for Father's Day weekend.  They are both obsessed with knights and Legos and what better place to go than Discover Mills in Atlanta where you can find both!

The weekend was centered around a trip to Medieval Times.

 But first, we needed to stop by the Lego Store, where both boys were given $20 each to buy whatever they wanted.  Amazingly...  They came out pretty close to $20 each although Mommy tried to talk them into fancier sets.
 Caleb loves Lego Ninjago.  He has been talking about it for months and finally got to purchase his first Ninjago set.
 Our favorite part was where they boys could each build a miniature figure to take home.

 Caleb with his Egyptian knight.
 Lee and I are both very disturbed by Graysen's creation.  We are pretty sure that it is the embodiment of the world's most dangerous sex offender:  Crazy smile, handcuffs, no pants...  It is so creepy that it has stayed on top of our fridge for the past week and we do not let anyone play with it.
 Lee's creation, which reminds me of Hagrid from Harry Potter.
 The boys with their loot examining a Star Destroyer.
 Sir Lee Slusher.
 And the show begins...