Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend of Birthdays

This past weekend was definitely a weekend of birthdays.  It started with a long postponed celebration of Graysen's birthday with one of our good friends.  She was so sweet and made cupcakes and we had a mini party for Graysen.  It is never too late to celebrate!

Then, we had two birthday parties on Saturday.  One was for one of Caleb's classmates at an indoor rock climbing facility and the other was Emily's birthday at a gym.  Both parties were a lot of fun.  The boys loved the active-themed parties.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bacon Song

The boys were so excited about me cooking bacon this morning that they composed a song. 

I'm posting this mainly for the grandparents, whose love and tolerance is unconditional. Everyone else may think this goes on for 1 minute and 46 seconds too long.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

We went to visit my parents in Dayton Beach over Spring Break.  The weather was MUCH colder than I had hoped.  It wasn't much of a beach trip, but we had fun anyway.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

The trip started with opening night at the Daytona Beach Cubs game.  They played well, but in the end lost by one point.  

Both Graysen and Caleb watched the game intently.  It was probably the first time that they have been old enough to understand the game and they loved it!

I can't decide who I like more, Cubby or Chizzle (Gastonia Grizzlies).  Both are adorable bears.  I am leaning towards Cubby at this point because he smelled much nicer than Chizzle.  Chizzle needed to get his outfit cleaned last time I saw him...

 Friday morning we ventured out to the Daytona Flea Market where we came across this guy.  Graysen (our scaredy-cat) was very concerned.  Since Lee and I both love "The Walking Dead," we enjoy seeing a zombie or two now and then.

Saturday morning was FREEZING, so Lee, my dad, and I walked up to Lee's favorite bookshop in downtown.  On the way there, I was hit by bird poo!!!  Direct hit!!!  I freaked.  I am just happy that I had on my PPE (personal protective equipment, aka sunglasses).  I will not be walking around Daytona without them.

To help calm me down, my dad took Lee and I to a cute little coffee shop where I could relax and get up the courage to go back outside.

Rough, cold seas.

Dinner was at Crabby Joe's.  If you are ever in the Daytona area, this is my favorite seafood place anywhere!  It is great.  It is on the pier and eat while you see the ocean under your feet.  They always have great food and drinks.

Overall, it was a very nice trip.  I just wish the weather was a little warmer.

Things are warming up here in Spartanburg and the kids only have 5 or so weeks of school left.  I have a jam -packed fun summer for the boys and will post our fun adventures.  I can't wait!