Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family BBQ

Erik and Amanda hosted a family BBQ for Memorial Day.  Erik makes the BEST BBQ on Earth!  I really have not tasted better and it is always a treat when he makes it.

It was a very nice evening visiting with Lee's entire Tennessee family.

The great BBQ chef!

Four cousins in a Gator.

Uncle Loyd, Caleb, and Mema

Cornhole was the game of the evening!

Adventure Science Center

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Tennessee visiting Lee's family.  On Saturday, we took the boys to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville.  This was the highlight of the trip for Caleb.  Caleb absolutely loves science and is thrilled to go anywhere associated with it.  Here are a few pictures from the visit.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graysen's 4K Gradution

This weekend was Graysen's graduation from 4K!  It was a very special weekend and Grammy came into to town for the festivities.  Here are a few pictures and video from the event:

Graysen looking respectable for his big day.

After the ceremony, Graysen, Grammy, and I went to Denny's to celebrate.  He thoroughly enjoyed his lunch, especially his special Oreo milkshake!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Summer is finally here (close enough) and we can start doing fun activities!  I know that I have been lax on blogging, but we just haven't been up to very much the past months.  Gray only has five days of school left and Caleb has twelve.  I have a jam-packed fun summer planned for the boys and will have lots of pictures to blog over the summer of our activities.

This past weekend we went to "Artisphere" which is is one of our favorite festivals in Greenville.  It is a great art-based festival that has lots of activities for kids too.  


I am not happy that this critter chose our deck to sun himself.  I have always thought of our deck as a safe space, and now I have to be on high alert for snakes.  The snake was very unimpressed with Lee's efforts to remove it with a leaf blower and broom. Eventually, Lee was able to coax it back downstairs.